What are your prints made from?

My giclée prints are made from sustainable 100% cotton paper and printed with archival inks. The paper is made from used cotton collected from the textile industry. Textiles are made using the longest, highest-quality fibres. Since a lot of materials are discarded during the process, the wasted cotton is salvaged and used to manufacture these cotton papers! 

Hand-made with care. Compared to a conventional paper mill, the handmade paper manufacturing process uses much less energy per ton of the paper produced. In many cases, handmade paper-making uses solar energy for drying.

What are giclée prints?

What makes a print giclée all comes down to the quality of the inks, paper, and resolution of the artwork. Giclée prints are often printed with professional inkjet printers that are able to match color and apply ink precisely to match the original artwork as closely as possible, giving you a print that looks like it was hand painted by the artist themselves!

Do you take custom orders?

Don't see the print you like here or would like a different size? Shoot me an email at hello@janicesung.com and I'll see what I can do!

Do you take commissions?

I'm currently unavailable for personal commissions.

What frame size should I get?

5.75 x 7.25": I'll admit, this is a very odd size for a print but this is because these prints are actually left overs from cuts of larger prints. I try to avoid wasting paper and so that's why these sizes exist. As for frame size, I like to go with an 8x10" frame (with or without a mat board)

8x10": with mat board: 11x14" frame
without mat board: 8x10" frame

11x14": with mat board: 16x20"
without mat board: 11x14"

13x16": with mat board: 18x21"
without mat board: 13x16"

How do I care for my prints?

My giclée prints are printed with archival inks which are meant to last for years. To ensure it's longevity, it’s best to take care of the prints as best as you can by doing the following:

  • Avoid placing artwork in direct sunlight
  • Use uv blocking acrylic or glass for framing
  • Keep lights off when you’re not in the room
  • Avoid any contact with moisture or water at all costs
Can I request a note if it's a gift for someone?

Yes! You can request a short note to be sent with your order free of charge. Find the note section when you scroll down on the checkout page. I will do my best fulfill your request but it isn't always guaranteed especially with the quantity of sales during sale events. 

Where can I purchase your phone cases?

You can purchase them on Kroma's website!

Where can I purchase your Ana Tomy planner/sketchbook?

They're available on Ana Tomy's website!

Where do you ship from?

All items are shipped from Ontario, Canada

What do you use to package your products?

All materials used for my packaging are 100% recyclable and are often made from recycled materials. Everything is manufactured in Canada or the US

What is your store currency?

Prices are listed in USD

When will I receive my order?

Please go to the shipping page for information on shipping.

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